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Welcome to 1 of WE Project!

This blog is for information and sharing, concerning a national project for 4th grade students. The vision is to Incubate – to nurture and encourage participation and contributions of the youth of WE the People.

Plans are in process to visit one school with four classes of approximately 15 students in each class and for every state and territory in the United States of America, in ONE YEAR’S time. It is our intention to begin this project in Rochester, NY for the 2010/2011 school year until it is complete.

Each class will participate by choosing their own theme, writing, photographing/illustrating and producing their own hardbound book of poetry, in approximately THREE DAYS!

Participants are recommended by their teachers and selected based on their interest and some form of lottery if more than 60 students per school (maximum) are willing to take part of this national project.

Each poet/photographer will literally publish their own hard bound book.

Each poet/photographer will have his or her own copy to autograph, keep and share with their friends and families. Each school will receive a copy. Additional copies will be made available for purchase and as gifts to some surprise recipients!

Each participant will be presented with a certificate to be received during the class party, class book signing and class publication at the conclusion.

Each poet/photographer will write a letter to a participant in the next area where the next class takes place and an active member of the United States Military. PEN PALS will be forged.

The scope of this project by it’s very nature, is designed to involve each participant in every single subject taught, in the school’s curriculum.

At the conclusion of this project, signed copies of every class book, from every state and territory of the United States of America will be made as a special presentation in our Nation’s capital.

1 of WE project are answers and solutions to the complex problems of our country, from the youth of our country, each vital to US and each one, 1 of WE the People!


Letters & Recommendations


Two letters went today. One to a senator and another with many years of experience in education and the arts. Moving forward.

A couple of recommendations:

“I have never seen students so engaged

and so excited about learning. Dahni draws this response

out of everyone he touches.”

Paulette Davis, Director, Department of the Arts, Rochester City School District

“Dahni has incorporated language skills and grammar into his presentations,

as well as, discovering and sharing the origins of words.

He has prompted students to use their imaginations

with his flair for creative presentations,

and nourished their self-esteem

through an enjoyable learning and writing experience.

He seems to energize the students’ efforts

into writing their creative best.

Dahni has an amazing way of sharing his gifts

with children of all ages, including myself.

Dahni’s programs are exceptional

and worthy of the highest recommendation.

His inspiration is contagious!”

Olga Winhaber, Language Arts Teacher, retired School #34, Rochester City School District

Hey, what are you waiting for? It aint’ about me, it’s about WE. Get involved!


1 of WE the People Project, instructor

1 of WE Project – 2012 – 2013 National Itinerary Announced. The following image show the states and U.S. Territories planned, for the National 1 of WE Project Class Tour. The lighter color blue with the city in black have been selected.


If you are a teacher, educator, administrator, school superintendent, parent or just a concerned individual and have contacts in a state or U.S. territory, and would like to have 1 of WE project in your area, please leave a comment below.